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    Corporate culture is the genetic inheritance and development of the enterprises. Today we are facing increasingly fierce global competition, therefore companies have to compete not only in terms of technology, products, markets, capital, etc., but also to form the competitive cultural advantages, continuously  through the absorption and integration,  enabling organizations to enhance and amend the system to adapt to a more complex competitive environment and gain sustained development space. The company has advocated inclusive and open corporate culture, emphasized teamwork, and encouraged innovation.


     Rongsheng Packing has regarded innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, not only in technical innovation, but also in innovations of products, marketing, managements, institutions and concepts. Innovation is the driving force of the development of the  Rongsheng packaging, and the innovative foundation is down to earth to achieve.


     Roshn Packaging has taken pragmatism as a starting point in the selection of personnels, and the "talent" is positioned as an irreplaceable resource management. Meanwhile,the company insists that the integration of the autonomous and thoughtful staff and the corporate development goals, is the main method of developing and training talents,  which is  also an important means to reach the business philosophy and the business plan, and is the key to achieve the virtuous cycle of enterprise management. 


     Rongsheng Packing has regarded teamwork as the core of the staff’s cooperation. In the implementation process of the company's strategies and goals, each employee regardless of office size, can express his/her own opinions and state his/her own views; and on the specific things, each employee should identify each partner, communicate with each other sincerely, and treat each other with concentrated attention, in order to make work efficiency increase in perfect power.


     Rongsheng Packing has treated corporate culture as the highest level of management. Through the influence of corporate culture, the employees and the company  reach a consensus in the aspects of values, development views and so on; and we also train staff dedication, the spirit of attention to details and processes. At the same time, achieving the goal management ensures the timely completion of the company's programs through the management system of the company.


      Rongsheng Packing needs the talents who have both abilities and integrities, which requires the employees first to be honest to the people and the maters. In addition, only through the hard work ,can the employees make the fruits of the harvest for the company and the individuals; only forming the thrifty style,  can the employees create more wealth for us to lay the foundation for tomorrow.