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    Electronics Packaging Technology Analysis


    Earthquake packaging technology

    The basic functions of electronic products packaging, is to achieve the purpose of maximizing protection products, which requires packaging must meet certain protection. Earthquake packaging is the most basic use of technical measures, also known as cushion packaging shockproof packaging, cushioning packaging materials mainly include paperboard, cardboard corner protectors, corrugated cardboard, plastic foam, bubble film, crepe paper and so on. Cushion packaging of electronic products are generally in corrugated boxes, on the basis of the carton, including the increase in plastic foam packaging, bubble film or corrugated pads, so that products meet the purpose of shock.

    Proof packaging technology

    Proof packaging of electronic products, has added a layer of plastic film packaging, aluminum foil, wax paper and other packaging materials in the product water, and placed in the package, such as the desiccant. There's the use of corrugated boxes, cartons surface polishing, polishing, coating, waxing process, or the use of lamination machine for cardboard surface spray a layer thickness of 0.01 ~ 0.07mm polyethylene or polypropylene material so that moisture, dirt and other properties of cardboard has been greatly improved, but also the cardboard to get a better air tightness and tensile strength increase.

    Heat-resistant packaging technology

    Electronic products, heat-resistant packaging materials with aluminum foil paper, aluminum foil reflective insulation can play a role in anti-radiation, resistance to external heat conduction, and has good moisture-proof function. Others use in packaging hot aqueous acrylic coating made of nano microemulsion reaction insulation coatings, environmental protection coatings such nano insulating material, effective to reflect infrared, reduce the absorption of heat of the packaging material, and a preservative, waterproof, insulated advantages.

    Anti-static technology

    Anti-static shielding bags are suitable for PCB, IC cards, MP3 and other static-sensitive products such as packaging, to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to electronic products bring. Static-sensitive electronic products, after using anti-static shielding bags, can effectively inhibit the generation of static electricity, to ensure the quality of electronic products from electrostatic damage. Principles of anti-static shielding bags are multi-layer composite structure is formed to protect the bag of goods and electrostatic field isolation. Its inner layer is composed of polyethylene, to prevent static electricity in the bag.